We facilitate companies in supporting their favorite charity by hosting their website with us and we then donate a portion of their current website hosting fees to the charity they select. This means it does not cost anything extra and the more companies we host, the more the charities get a constant growing stream of funds.

If you are interested in migrating your website hosting to us and become a regular donor to your chosen charity, click here.

What is the benefit to you?  

There are several benefits.

1). Philanthropist Status and Good Exposure: You get recognised as a ‘regular donor’ by the charity you select. Several well-known philanthropists use their businesses and status to support causes and charities close to their hearts. This raises awareness for the cause and gives the philanthropist great exposure, which in turn is great for business. It obviously benefits the charity in a huge way. Some well-known philanthropists are Nelson Mandela, Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson and many others.

2). Search Engine Exposure: Reciprocal Links and 3 Way Interlinks – Once you have signed up and transferred your website hosting to us, your charity will be notified and you will be listed on their website with a link back to your website. You will also get a link, with an optional badge, to put on your website, linking back to the charities website. This Reciprocal link, also called a 2-Way link, can be largely beneficial to your websites traffic, especially since charity websites have a relatively high amount of traffic.

We will also place your company link on our website and have the charities’ links too. This creates an interlinked 3 way reciprocal link which is (especially if a good quality or relevant link) largely beneficial to a websites ranking in search engines like Google. In time, more traffic means more business.

3). Company Exposure: Another benefit is the exposure you will receive. People browsing the charities website, or your website, will be more than willing and happy to support your company if they know you already support a charity or cause.

4). Tax Benefits: You can claim the portion donated on your behalf as a tax write-off.

Who does it benefit?

We have selected 4 of the most popular charities from across a range of charity types. These are:

  1. Reach For A Dream (Helping children with life threatening illnesses).
  2. Hospice (Promote quality in life, dignity in death and support in bereavement for all living with a life-threatening illness).
  3. Endangered Wildlife Trust (Dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa to the benefit of all people. ).
  4. Childline (Supporting and caring for abused or neglected children).

If for example you select Reach For a Dream as your chosen charity, a terminally ill child will be given an opportunity to experience something special.  Select the Endangered Wildlife Trust and you can play a part in putting a stop to the vicious poaching of the rhino.  Often we are too busy to give of our time to these worthy causes.  We are too busy to make a monthly contribution to a cause that we feel strongly about.  At Charity Host we believe that without the support of the people of our beloved country many of these causes will not be able to continue the important work that they do.  We have therefore devised a way for businesses and individuals to show their support financially without costing you any extra money or time.

We also offer free website hosting to benefit struggling charities, NPO’s and section 21 companies. See this page if you want free website hosting for your charity.

Move your website hosting across to us and we will not charge you any extra for your hosting.  You will continue to pay whatever you are currently paying. You may though, at your own discretion, elect to donate a higher amount by paying a higher hosting fee.

We have selected 4 major charities who do exceptional work. We have endeavoured to cover as wide a range of trusted charities as possible.  It isn’t enough to feel strongly about a worthy cause.  Without our support these organisations will not be able to make a difference in the lives of people and animals.

Charity Host is a subsidiary of 2XL Digital Solutions which has been operating under the direction of Craig van Rensburg since 2008.

Make a difference today and donate by hosting your website with us.