Reach For a Dream Foundation needs your help…

We have been donating funds to our charities since February 2013. Of the four charities we support, Reach For a Dream foundation has not earned much at all…only a shameful R270 since February. This is because only two of our hosted websites have chosen to donate to the Reach For a Dream.

We would like this to change.

All the other charites are in need but this one stands out. So we appeal to you to help the Reach For a Dream Foundation.

Reach For a Dream helps children with life-threatening diseases or disabilities like cancer, to ‘reach their dreams’ via various fun projects like “Camp sunshine”, “Captain courage”, “Queen for a day” and many more. We give you the opportunity to help an unfotunate child with a terminal illness be happy and take their mind off the illness they suffer. It wont cost you anything. All you need to do is host your website with us and we will take 20% of your monthly hosting funds and give it to this needy charity. These monthly donations will go a long way and the more people we get on board this initiative the better. You keep paying the same rate you currently pay your service provider.

You can read more about the Reach For a Dream foundation on this page.

For more information you cant contact Natalie Lazaris at the Reach For a Dream foundation on: +27 11 781 0133 or via their website:

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