What do we do?

We donate a portion of your monthly website hosting fees to a designated charity, at no extra cost!

The idea is simple, we perpetually raise funds for charities by donating funds raised through website hosting. As each website joins, so the fund grows. If you have a website, we encourage you, or your business, to host your website on our secure servers and we will take 20% of the proceeds and give this to a charity you choose. It does not cost you anything extra to host your current website with us, you just migrate your hosting to our servers. We charge you the same amount you have always paid and you get the same features. In doing so, you become a regular, recognised donor.

Make a difference today and become a known philanthropist. The compounding nature of this initiative means that the more websites that jump on board, the more the charities receive, continuously!

All businesses or individuals become registered donors and get listed on their chosen charities’ website. Each business gets a badge to put on their own website.

Make a difference, become a philanthropist and sign up here.

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