What are the benefits?

Silent process.

Aside from costing you nothing more, there will be virtually no effect on you or your company and we make the move as silently and seamless as possible. You can expect a normal bit of downtime during the migration process. This will affect your website and email and may last a few hours.

Business benefits

Link popularity and reciprocal links.

Having your link on a relatively high traffic and generally popular website such as your chosen charity and here on the Charity Host website (Page Rank 7) will be favored by Google and other search engines. This would increase your rank in search results and bring you more traffic. More traffic can mean more potential business.

The fact that you link back to your charity which in turn, links back to your website creates a reciprocal link which is even better for search engine rankings.

Additionally, the fact that Charity Host links to you creates a 3-way link which may compound your chances of success with Search Engine rankings.

Philanthropist Status.

You become recognized donor by your chosen Charity and will be mentioned on their website. You will also be mentioned on our website as a regular donor. You will be able to put an small unobtrusive Charity badge on your website, linking back to the charity and letting your customer know that you care.

It is a known fact that people would rather choose to support businesses that care and are philanthropists in their operations. Not only does it make one feel good to be making a difference, it can also bring you more success.

If you are interested in joining the initiative, sign up here.